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Everyday people living everyday lives, not knowing the legends, myths, and fairy tales they tell their children are real.

Goblins, trolls, magic – Not to mention Jack frost: The world's most notorious criminal, the master escape artist, & one cool lady. Jack currently finds herself training Nathan Masterson, a protege with a magic thought to be extinct who now finds himself drawing attention from the Organization: The magical governments law enforcement group. On the run for a murder he didn't commit & struggling with the secrets of his past. Is he seeing double or is someone out to frame him? Even with help from Jack the world seems colder than usual. As Death approaches. It's gonna be a cold summer.

Get ready for Frost.

There's a thief afoot, stealing the guardian artifacts of the mystic races – The seven sins.

As one of the last Seers, Nathan Masterson is struggling to fit into his new role as an Organization Detective. He and his Partner Leigh Vashti are charged with recovering the the sins and apprehending the culprit, while at the same time pursuing a potential lead into the genocide of the Seer Clan. Along with a new partner who has a bad attitude and a mysterious ability to back it up, they're on the case. But something's amiss, and the culprit may hit closer to home than either of the detectives may think. All sides are in opposition, but there's definitely something that even the blind can see. Sometimes the truth is more cruel than we bargain for, especially when you can't see it coming. Death plots in the shadows.


How good is your Sight?

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