NNovels in Verse

Novel length stories told through poetry. Each chapter/poem flows one to the next to tell a complete, exciting tale. Fast, easy reads that even reluctant readers can get into. A PDK Verse novel breaks the mold even further as it draws you in with excitement and fantastical elements such as magic, sci-fi, and the super natural. Easy to follow, and exciting to read. Grab one today and try not to get sucked in.

Crimson Minds Triology

It's said humans use only 10% of our minds.
But what if there are some who can use more? In modern day Chicago three gangs of psychic youth vie for power. Led by their Kings, each one seeking to control the city. Unfortunately for them, Daniel Cavanough has no interest in such matters. His only concern is to find the truth of his father and sister's murder. With The Black Dog sniffing around, and the mysterious Rose throwing her own hat in the ring, it may not be the wind blowing things about.


Sneak Peek

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